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Loan Service

Sadhana Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd offers a wide range of collateral and non-collateral based loan products designed to meet the specific needs of low income and marginalized rural population.

Non Collateral Loan

  General Loan

General Loan Service that Sadhana has offers to its member when they eligible into our microfinance program and enrolled in our institution. This  loan is desined for low income sources member's who has income generating activities. New members are eligible for general loan upto NRs. 75,000 in the first year. Then after loan amount can be gradually increased every consecutive year upto maximum limit of NRs. 5,00,000.  Considering based on repayment history and number of years.

  Discipline Loan

The members of this financial institution have been following the policy rules and microfinance discipline of the financial institution for the past 6 months. If there is a gap of 2 years later, it is possible to re-invest in 1 year or so without exceeding the loan limit.

  Emergency Loan

Emergency Loans can be invested in the service recipients affiliated to this organization in the form of medical treatment, school college fees and purchase of educational materials. To get this loan, you have to be a member who has repaid the loan with at least one loan.

  Foreign Employment Loan

The foreign employment loan has been arranged for the purpose of providing to those members who have good credit track for the expense of his/her family members for foreign employment. To get this loan, you have to mobilize the loan for the first time and repay the loan.

  Hydropower Share Loan

In order to invest in the shares of Hydropower Company, this organization will be able to disburse Hydropower share loan to its members without collateral and to other persons by taking half of the application form and the certificate of shares as collateral.

  Special Agro Loan

Agriculture loan is targeted to the members who are involved in agricultural production and marketing to enable them to boost their production and sales capacity, but is only offered to the members who have utilized our General Loan with good repayment history.

Collateral Loan

  Micro-Enterprises Loan

Micro Enterprises Loans will be invested to the purpose of earning income at local level such as home industry, agribusiness, service / trade, carpet industry, seed purchase, animal husbandry, fisheries, bee keeping, purchase of tractors, threshers and other agricultural implements. Member's integrity and the physical collateral are the basis to provide this loan.

  Homestead Loan

Sadhana is provides housing loan to support for building a reliable shelter, which is one of the basic needs for the people. Land & housing loan is disbursed to those borrowers who is eligible for first cycle of general loan and have maintained a very good track record of loan utilization and savings mobilization. Member's integrity and the physical collateral are the basis to provide this loan.

  Hire Purchase Loan

Sadhana is provides Hire Purchase Loan to the member's of this organization for the purchase and maintenance of New and old vehicles which is mainly used for business. Loan can be provide at the basis of Physcial collateral.

  Education Loan

This loan is disbursed intended for those clients who wants their children to study higher education in Nation or abroad. This collateral based loan can be given if the clients have utilized previous loan with good repayment performance and must submit the subject related document.